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About ajc

      Formed in 2007, the Adirondack Jetski Club (AJC) is an American Watercraft Association (AWA) charter club located in the Adirondack Mountains region of New York state.  Consisting of personal water craft (PWC) enthusiasts throughout the Northeast and beyond, the AJC is comprised of members and supporters regionally, nationally, and beyond.

      Established as a vehicle to network within the PWC community, the AJC has served as the catalyst to connect many enthusiasts and forge countless friendships.  By employing the philosophy that all PWC operators conduct themselves as ambassadors of the recreational community, the AJC is recognized as an inclusive group of responsible riders.

      At the urging of both PWC operators as well as industry businesses, the AJC conceptualized what has emerged to be the most prestigious recreational PWC event in the geographic region.  Known as the annual "June Rally", the event is has become the "do not miss" PWC recreational ride of the summer.  Charity based from its inception, the June Rally has generated tens of thousands of dollars for numerous deserving charities and has remained the longest consecutive running PWC event in the Northeast.

      Based from a rustic Adirondack lakefront campground, the annual AJC June Rally offers participants the unique opportunity to attend a recreational gathering while lodging in the heart of the event venue.  Such economical efficiencies coupled with the communal aspect result in a one-of-a-kind jetski event and experience.

      Every year, the AJC June Rally features a personal water craft sweepstakes.  With the help of numerous industry stalwarts, the AJC reconditions a previous owned PWC.  Proceeds generated from the unique opportunity to own the annual "Rally Jetski" are donated to charity.  Every year the AJC is somehow able to "one up" the prior seasons "Rally Jetski".  Such a monumental task would not be even remotely possible without the support of our many members, friends, sponsors and pwc industry businesses partners.

      Comprised of people from all different walks of life, AJC members and supporters all share the same passion for PWCs along with a sense of civic responsibility and a willingness to give back to communities.  All AJC events, be it formal or informal, are always family friendly and welcome to any and all responsible PWC operators.  Should you be interested in attending, supporting or sponsoring AJC events please don't hesitate to contact us.

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